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About Fresh Start
Fresh Start Community Services, Inc. is a community-based organization that was founded by Mr. Bruce Relf in 2003 and became a non-profit 501 (c)3 in 2004.
Fresh Start works directly with ex-offenders, displaced workers, working class poor, and their families to provide resources that will aid in employment readiness and the reduction of the recidivism rate in the state of Arizona.
All services are based on individual and family needs to build trust and opportunities for personal growth and social success.
Fresh Start’s programs are designed to provide support for families through the reunification process. Various services and resources are made available to assist with reunification and adaptation for community reintegration. Through the provision of continued assistance with material needs, job search skills, placement, life skills training and coaching.
Fresh Start provides an opportunity for anyone to enjoy a new beginning.

Mission Statement
Fresh Start’s mission is to reduce recidivism rates among incarcerated individuals and their families by collaborating with local community based agencies. Fresh Start offers program participants the opportunity to receive a number of services, such as life skills, preparation, mentoring programs, educational services, technical training, employment training and opportunities, housing assistance, and money management. 

Through collaboration with the City of Peoria, Fresh Start receives a community grant and opens its doors at the re-entry center in Glendale, AZ
Fresh Start becomes and Access Point for Maricopa Workforce Connections.
Recipient of the Swift Charities and AVNET Community Foundation Grants.
Collaborative Partnership with ASU Criminal Justice Department bringing on interns to help develop programs.
Recipient of the donated suits from the National Suit Drive through Men’s Wearhouse.
Ran the Breaking Barriers pilot program at Maricopa Workforce Skills Center.
Partnership with ASU Social Work Department and brought on interns.
Development of the Suit Up 4 Life program.
Moved to Phoenix, AZ.
Merged Breaking Barriers and Professional Career Development workshops to create the Career Development Course.
Plans to open a career training center with a discount suit store are moving forward and hope to be completed by the end of summer 2013

Who does Fresh Start help?
By type of crime
*65% Felony
*14% Misdemeanor
*14% Traffic
*4% Sex Offender
*3% Juvenile
By Gender
*71% Male
*29% Female
By Ethnicity
*25% African American
*24% Caucasian
*24% Hispanic
*5% Native American
*22% Other

Arizona Department of Corrections Stats
In April 2013 the Arizona Department of Corrections reported that there were 40,273 offenders incarcerated in Arizona. 14,864 inmates have been released in the FY 2013 to date (April). AZ DOC report from April 2013 states that “the average length of time served is 23 months, with 51% serving over 1 year, 16% serving 6 months to 1 year, and 33% serving less than 6 months.” In April 2013, Arizona admitted 1617 inmates and released 1486.

Suit Up 4 Life
Suit Up 4 Life is a professional career development program which helps men who are career minded, working class poor, ex-offenders, and fathers prepare for entering or reentering the workforce. Suit Up 4 Life offers resume assistance, coaching on life and career development, and business attire at no cost to clients. For more information visit

Arizona Set Aside
The Arizona Set Aside program is one that helps ex-offenders move on from their past and move forward without the burdens of their criminal history. Some benefits of doing an AZ Set Aside are:
*Right to Vote
*Right to serve as a juror
*Right to hold public office of trust or profit
*Right to obtain business and professional licenses
**Depending on the convicted crime an AZ Set Aside can also assist in obtaining
*Some Employment
*State Federal or State Benefits
*Education Grants
*Fingerprint Clearance Cards
*Government Housing
**To purchase a DIY book or take a class contact the Fresh Start Office.
*In Arizona, expungement means the same as set aside. Set aside means to cancel or revoke a judgment or order. The original record is changed but still available. Arizona does not have expungments.
*Fresh Start Community Services does not offer legal counsel nor file the paperwork for you. They give you information on how you can complete your paperwork and file your own court documents. If you have legal questions or need advice please consult an attorney.

Partnership with Access Wireless
Fresh Start has been privileged to work with Access Wireless to provide cell phones at no cost to people who need them. In order to qualify, one must have Nutritional Assistance (SNAP or food stamps) OR Medicaid (ACHSS) AND a state issued ID (Driver’s License, ID card, Tribal ID, Military ID). Access Wireless offers free phones with 250 free minutes or texts a month with the option to purchase more and an option to upgrade the phone at a local Kroger (Fry’s, Ralphs, Stator Bros). To learn more about the free phone program visit the Fresh Start Office with your required materials.

Breaking Barriers
Fresh Start Breaking Barriers program is designed for displaced workers, adjudicate youth, youth at risk, homeless, veterans, working class poor and emphasis on ex-offenders at risk for recidivism. The program helps people to identify all the barriers faced and give them the tools needed to progress successfully in career, family, and life. Upon completion of the breaking Barriers program, participants receive a certificate of recognition that they can show at job fairs featuring employers who have already agreed to consider hiring from Fresh Start’s Breaking Barriers pool of candidates. Participants who complete the program will also receive a referral to Phoenix Dress for Success (for women) and Suit Up 4 Life (for men) for interview attire. The only thing left after the program is for them to utilize what they have learned and succeed. For more information visit or call the Fresh Start Office.

*Contact Information
**Fresh Start Community Services
**1008 E. Buckeye Rd. #125
**Phoenix, AZ 85034
**623-931-2801 (o)
**623-931-2903 (f)
**Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
**Monday- Thursday 9AM – 3PM
**Call to schedule an appointment.